Bondage Hood With Dildo Gag

BDStyle, Bondage Hood With Dildo Gag and Removable Eye Piece

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To be truly enslaved...that's really what a hood is all about, isn't it? It's about truly submitting and giving yourself over to allow your Dom/me to make all the decisions.


The Undercover Faux Leather Bondage Hood w/Collar, Snap On Blindfold and Gag is a wonderfully supple full leather hood which will be great for bondage play and make your play time incredibly sexy. The lacing hood feels so good when it's laced up tightly, fitting snugly against your skin. The rich scent of the leather fills your nose as the collar is buckled tightly and locked on. With the blindfold and gag detached, you'll be able to see and speak, but who knows how long that will last? Probably not too long, but you won't mind at all.


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