Hound Dog Hood With Detachable Blindfold

BDStyle, Hound Dog Hood With Detachable Blindfold, Faux Leather Puppy Hood

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We know your Hound Dog is always trying to get out. Finally you can show everyone just what a Hound Dog you are with the new Faux leather hood. The beautifully crafted dog nose with ears will make you look so much like the real thing.  When you are in the middle of your puppy play and with this hood on you’ll be on all fours ready for anything that comes your way. What makes this hood even better is that it lets you be anonymous so you can really doggie and never worry about anyone knowing it is you! 


With detachable blindfold as well makes this the total package for those into sensory deprivation.


Available in Black and Yellow
Material: Fax Leather


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