BDSM Hood Harness & Muzzle Thin

BDStyle, BDSM Hood Harness & Muzzle Thin, Faux Leather Head Harness

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This faux leather harness (PVC) will easily slip on to your partner's head. While the harness keep that attractive look, the lockable zip muzzle will make sure that your partner can't talk back to you. Each of the fully-adjustable straps will wrap around the face of your lover to provide a unique fetish aesthetic that will enhance the scene.  


Please note:  We have two grades of Faux Leather and they are –

Beginners/Soft Bondage:  This Faux Leather is light weight and designed for soft bondage play.  It feels light to wear but is not suitable for hardcore/heavy bondage.  The average thickness of the Material is 2mm

 Hardcore/Heavy Bondage:  This Faux Leather is thicker and stronger and designed for more experienced or hardcore bondage users. It is heavier to wear and more robust.  The average thickness of the Material is 2.5mm

Choose the grade that is most appropriate to your use.


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