Absolute Kinky Faux Leather Hood

BDStyle, Absolute Kinky Faux Leather Hood with Adjustable Neck Strap Unisex Design

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This extraterrestial bondage hood is absolute kinky wear.  Unique that you can almost rest assured hardly anyone has seen or worn one.  Use it with a scratcher to freak your partner out.  This is certainly a quality leather product that will give enjoyment for many years to come.


Available in Leather or Faux Leather


Quality bondage gear can often be hard to find. That’s where BDStyle comes in. They’re a company that recognizes a variety of different fetishes including male and female chastity devices, penis plugs, restraints and bondage gear. Designed by BDSM experts this is a company that has the ability to produce fetish gear at reasonable prices. Get your gear from this trusted manufacturer