Extreme Pure Gold 24 Karat Leopard Eye Mask and Whip

California Exotics PU and resin fiber leopard eye mask and whip with a hang loop for BDSM and fetish roleplaying scenes

California Exotics
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The Extreme Pure Gold 24 karat Leopard Eye Mask and Whip from California Exotic Novelties is a rich looking exotic costume that will make your partner purr with pleasure. The soft comfortably lined velvety faux fur leopard print mask stretches to fit over your eyes and the 38 cm kinky matching faux fur leopard print fetish whip will make your partner really feel like taming (or punishing) an animal. The sturdy leopard print fetish whip has a convenient wrist strap so you can't€™t lose it during play. You can also use the wrist strap to hang your whip in a safe, secret place and have it ready to use for the next time. Take role play to a whole new level with this sexy costume and try to tame that beast! Bring out the inner beast and take your role to the extreme from a seductive purr to a mind-blowing roar.

Eye mask with a soft lining stretches to fit, Superb fetish whip.



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