Play Hard Spandex Hood & Blindfold

BDStyle, Play Hard Spandex Hood & Blindfold, Form Fitting Hood for Sensory Play

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A very comfortable and easy to use mask for those starting out to play blue is the nylon full face mask which will bring out bondage desires in everyone.  Although offering sensory deprivation some filtered light will come through which is especially good with novices.  It will also slightly restrict sound and air to give one a feel for what full deprivation may feel like.  Great for starters or those wanting to work up to a senorary deprivation hood.  Try it with a Sana Whip for gentle punishment.


This red nylon full face masked could only be described as easy to use at the least.  Easy to put on or easy take off is a must for those wanting a bit of quick bdsm play.  Especially good for those just joining the bondage community as it is soft and supple on the skin.  




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