Hellish Red With Black Slave Hood & Blindfold Leather

BDStyle, Hellish Red With Black Slave Hood & Blindfold in Genuine Leather, Removable Gag and Blindfold

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You dont have to be a bondage blacksmith to enjoy this Hellish Red With Black Slave Hood & Blindfold made with genuine Leather. For those looking for a little extra when it comes to their fetish hoods and bondage play - then you have definately come to the right place. This full leather hood comes complete with removable mouth gag and blindfold for various measures of sensorary derpviation.  Also with a black leather  slave collar with studs and rings for lead.  A set like this will not be complete without some wrist and anke restraints for movement deprivations as well.


There is a fine line between pleasure and pain, heaven and HELL and this quality GENUINE Bondage Blacksmith LEATHER Hood will be sure to send you to both. Intricate lace and buckle fastening, detailed collar and removable blind fold and gag .. now all you need is a great playmate a lead some ankle and wrist restraints and whip paddle or both for a trip on a lifetime.


Red and Black




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