Leather Addicts Bondage Hood with Open Chin Leather

BDStyle, Inquisitor Leather Addicts Bondage Hood with Open Chin Leather, Half Hood Style with Open Eyes

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Leather addicts will love this quality leather fetish hood. Chin free and with adjustable lace at back it is easy to put on, wear and use. Indeed, once you put on this hood, you're going to experience the change of personality that bondage and fetish play has to offer. Feel like a new person when wearing this. Add a metal slave collar or cuffs to complete the feel and have some real dungeon fun at home.  Be the master of your domain with some unique fetish fun.


Made of qualilty leather, the hood has cut-outs at the eyes and gives the authentic appearance of a medieval figure. The design, stitching and craftsmanship of the hood equals comfort (and a bit of style) for person who dons it as part of that hot scenario or scene. The hood slips easily over the head and uses adjustable ties in the back. One-size-fits-most.


Available in Leather or Faux Leather


BDStyle is a company that lets the kinky out in every single individual Specialising in bondage toys made of leather and steel they have an expansive range and collection designed to supplement any kink or fetish that you might have. Ranging from restraints, to spreader bars, leather cuffs and even urethral stimulation toys. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle will have it for you at premium quality and an amazing price