Travel Douche Unisex Set

Travel Douche Unisex Set By Seven Creations is the flat-pack of douches whether you are at home or travelling it can be discreetly packed away until needed again

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Travel Douche Unisex Set

Get cleaner that you've ever been and have the complete confidence to indulge in the sexual liaisons of your dreams at any time. The Portable Travel Douche Set has everything you need for perfect personal, intimate hygiene. This set contains: 2 Litre Folding Douche Bag with plastic hanger, 4 ft Clear Tube with threaded ends and tap for fluid pressure/flow control, Plastic Suction Hook which mounts on most surfaces and holds bag securely, Threaded Vaginal Spout which ensures even spray dispersal of fluid, Anal Spout, Fill the bag with water and hang securely with the aid of the suction hook. Use the clear tube and the vaginal or anal spout, then insert and flush with the water. This set is durable and compact, ideal to take with you wherever you go for on the spot cleanliness.

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