Smooth Tail Douche Cleaners

This basic enema will get you ready for anal sex, or just keep your booty squeaky clean the way you like!

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Product Description

Silicone Douche – Smooth Tail Cleaners

This versatile douche is great for fun and cleaning. Entirely made from hypoallergenic body friendly silicone it is totally safe to use. Rounded flexible but firm shaft and easy to squeeze bulb make it perfect for beginners.
Nozzle bends to contour and fit comfortably
Simple squeeze bulb provides total control over liquid flow
Reservoir holds up to 8oz. of liquid
Made from 100% silicone with a satiny finish
Unscented, nonporous, and hypoallergenic
Function: Anal Cleaner
Color: Black
Plug Size: 21.5 * 8 cm/8.5" * 3.2"
Insert Size: 10 * 2 cm/3.9" * 0.8"
Net Weight: 162 g/0.36 lb/5.71 oz
Material: Silicone

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