Seven Creations Unisex Enema Syringe

Seven Creations Unisex Enema Syringe is come with a double sided anal/vaginal plastic tip is easy to use and simple to clean, for male and female use.

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Seven Creations Unisex Enema Syringe

When giving yourself or your partner an enema, safety is the number one priority. The Enema Syringe HK is meant to promote safety along with pleasure. Its soft hose and pump bulb will ensure an easy flow of water without any of the worries. The double tips, for anal and vaginal use, are made for men and women. The bib also assists in keeping things clean and gives you control over your cleansing.

Material: Plastic, Rubber

Safety Features: Anti-bacterial, Phthalates Free

Colours: Red, White

Texture: Smooth

Special Features: Waterproof

Gender Play: Unisex

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