Gaping Anal Retractor

Hell's Couture, Gaping Anal Retractor, Easily Handled Steel Retractor with Lock and Smooth Bent Arms for Sensual and Comfortable Spreading

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Product Description

This Eisenhammer Rectal Retratctor is a professional theatre grade speculum and it is made from medical grade stainless steel.  It is hygienic and designed for insertion into the anal canal to allow rectal examinations.

Medical Grade sex toys are now used in Bondage and Fetish play and this particular Retractor is perfect for those that want to explore their lovers anal cavity and get that sought after full open gape.  Gaping also allow easy access to the prostate and can be helpful when attempting to milk the prostate.  


Available Sizes:



Length -18cm

Insertable- 4.9cm

Maximum Spread-6.8cm



 Length -18cm

 Insertable- 3.8cm

 Maximum Spread-7.3cm



 Length -18cm

 Insertable-6.5 cm

 Maximum Spread-7.8cm


Prior to use retrctors should be generously lubricated to avoid any sphincter damage.


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