Fetish Fantasy Extreme OB-GYN Kink Kit

Fetish Fantasy Extreme OB-GYN Kink Kit By Pipedream is A seriously kinky kit that opens up (literally) lots of excitingly realistic OB-GYN play potential

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FF Extreme OB-GYN Kink Kit

Take your Doctor/Nurse role-playing fantasies to the extreme with the incredible OB-GYN Kink Kit. This do-it-yourself doctor kit has everything you need to get your sex life healthy and improve both partners’ libidos: a vibrating pussy periscope, adjustable vaginal speculum, 2 nipple forceps, a sexy nurse hat for your patient, and free samples of Moist lubricant and Pipedream Toy Cleaner.

For years, men have dreamt of putting on a lab coat and burying their face between the stirrups of a pretty pink pussy. Now you can enjoy the same role-playing fantasy in the comfort of your own home with this breakthrough home examination kit. It's guaranteed to instantly improve her bedside manner–without any dangerous side effects!

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