ElectraStim Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe

Electro sex discipline toy, Tri-polar, Vaginal & anal probe, Gold contact

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Product Description

ElectraStim - Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe

If you are looking for feelings of mind-blowing variety of anal as well as vaginal stimulations in an unusual way, Electro Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe would be one of the perfect options for you. This product has a tri-polar electrode and two of the poles/connections are used at a time.

You can stimulate the top two or bottom two domes by simply swapping the connections around. There are various options in this ultimate sex toy and you can spend several hours continuously in discovering its pleasures.

Size: 100mm(max. insertion) x 25mm OD x 12mm ID(4" x 1" x 0.5")

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