ElectraStim Stubby Anal And Vaginal

ElectraStim Stubby, Electro Sex, Electro Sex Toys, Electro-Sex Dildo/Butt Plug

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ElectraStim - Stubby Anal And Vaginal


If you're looking for an EES electrode that's suitable for beginners and also targets your G-spot or prostate, our Stubby probe is the perfect choice for you. Smooth, short and slimline without compromising on the sensations you feel, this petite internal probe is easy to use and offers an orgasmic introduction into the world of erotic electrostimulation.

Designed with slender proportions that make it easy to insert and wear, Stubby has an insertable length of 2.55 inches and a girth of 3.55 inches at the widest point. Perfectly proportioned for direct G-spot stimulation, the length and girth are easy to manage even if it's your first time using a sex toy.


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