ElectraStim Solid Metal Rings

ElectraStim T-Bar metal Ring, Electro Sex Cock/Scrotal Ring

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Product Description

ElectraStim - Solid Metal Ring

A must-have for every electrophile out there, the Electrastim 46mm Solid Metal Cock Ring provides for a shockingly intense experience. Add to your collection by adding a small and snug cock ring for use with your Electrastim Stimulator and you'll feel the jolts of current flow around your shaft in a delightful sensation that will you'll want to repeat again and again. The ring in used in conjunction with another Solid Metal Cock Ring by placing one ring at the base of the penis and one further up the shaft. You may also use just one ring in conjunction with a uni-Polar ElectraProbe. 


Available Sizes:


32mm   34mm   46mm   48mm   56mm


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