ElectraStim Quad Probe
ElectraStim Quad Probe
ElectraStim Quad Probe

ElectraStim Quad Probe

ElectraStim Quad, Dildo, Electo-Sex Gold Dildo

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Product Description

ElectraStim Quad


The Quad dildo is a special sex toy for women that can be used in a variety of ways for internal erotic electro-stimulation. We've placed 4 gold-plated contact domes along the upper surface to give you multiple points for electro-stimulation, accentuating the pleasing texture of this expert G-spot massager.

Plug in as many contacts as you like, experimenting with different combinations to find the most pleasurable for you. A single-channel stimulator can power 2 contacts at once and one of our dual-channel units can power all 4! You can even use the probe as a uni-polar toy alongside any other electrode, the possibilities for play are only as limited as your imagination.

The bizarre shape allows you to experience the feeling of being stretched without compromising on the ease of use. The ideal electrode for sex toy beginners, the girth can be squeezed down to just 3.75 inches to assist insertion and will expand up to 5.35 inches in circumference once in place. A stabilising bar keeps the larger girth sturdy throughout play for your peace of mind. Although the girth sounds quite slimline, most of the thickness comes from the diameter so the dildo feels bigger than it actually is.

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