ElectraStim Metallic Adjustable Scrotal Loops

Electro sex discipline device, Cock stimulation, Adjustable loops

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Product Description

ElectraStim Metallic Adjustable Scrotal Loops


If you are looking for getting the exhaustive orgasm with the ultimate erotic stimulation, Electro Metallic Cock Loops would be the ideal option for you. A non-stretch metallic coil is used to manufacture these unique cock loop electrodes. These loops are adjustable according to your size but it’s not suitable f your cock has a girth greater than 45mm (1.75”).


You can use one loop near the tip of your cock and the other one around the base. You can also adjust each loop to the desired size using the sliding adjuster and don’t forget to add a conductive gel to each loop at the point of skin contact to feel the extreme erotic sensations. After that, you can connect each loop to ElectraStim cable and then, you can start your dream session.

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