ElectraStim Halo

ElectraStim Halo, Electo-Sex Clitoral Probe

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Product Description

ElectraStim - Halo


In order to use erotic electro-stimulation to directly stimulate the clitoris, you need a specialist electrode. Halo has been designed with bipolar contacts that allow you to stimulate the clitoris in two unique ways. Use the precision tip for high-intensity stimulation or roll the larger contact over the clitoral shaft for a softer, more sensual experience.


During play you’ll feel erotic tingles running directly through your clitoris, awakening the nerve endings and deepening arousal. You can use Halo alongside direct stimulation of your clitoral glans using your finger or a bullet vibrator to further enhance your pleasure.



Weight-1.15 kg


Dimensions-17 x 9 x 9 cm




Diameter-5mm to 30mm



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