ElectraStim ElectraRings Metal Scrotal Rings

Electo-Sex Scrotal Rings

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ElectraStim ElectraRings Metal Scrotal Rings


This set of 3 differently-sized metal cock rings can be used with any of our ElectraStim stimulators for an intensified sexual experience. Wear one alongside any other uni-polar electrode and you can enhance the pleasure you feel during masturbation, foreplay and sex with power EES sensations.

ElectraScrotal Rings sit firmly at the very base of your shaft, around both your penis and testicles, leaving your length free to experience other pleasures. Plug a ring into any ElectraStim stimulator and you'll feel erotic tingling accompanied by powerful contractions in the very base of your penis. This duo of deep sensations complements other sexual stimulation but can also be enough to induce a hands-free orgasm with no other physical contact required.

Simply choose the best ring for your size to start play. You can find your cock ring size by trying on the rings before play but for the best first-time experience we recommend measuring your size with a tape measure. While erect, measure your circumference by wrapping a tape measure around both your penis and testicles. Record your measurement in millimetres and divide it by 3.15 to find your size.

Eg: A measurement of 190mm would have a diameter of 60mm as 190 divided by 3.15 = 60.31. The measurement can be a little bigger or a little smaller, it should not affect your experience if the measurement is not exact.

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