ElectraStim Anu-Start Probe

Electro sex discipline toy, Bi-polar, Anal probe, Finger grip handle, Mini size

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Product Description

ElectraStim - Anal Probe

What a novel new way to experience anal pleasures.  Using the electrosex device that is perfectly shaped and designed to be a comfortable anal probe.  Many people report when having eletrosex that the orgasm is the biggest they have ever experienced.


This unit is for then novices or those wanting a gentler electrosex experience. Perfectly shaped and designed with a handy finger handle.  It is small enough to take with you if you have a electro party to go to and travelling will never have felt so good.
This is an attachment that requires and electro stim stimulator or similar device to operate it.  Be sure that is your power box is enabled to take a 2mm connector otherwise you may need an adapter kit.


Requires a electro sex stimulator to create the shock.

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