Electro-Stimulation Pleasure Probe Accessory

BDStyle, Electro-Stimulation Pleasure Probe Accessory, Unisex Design Plug for Anal or Vaginal Stimulation for Electro Adventures and Play

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Electro-Stimulation Pleasure Probe Accessory 


The sleek design features a tapered tip and base, making it ideal for both vaginal or anal play, the unisex design makes it perfect for partnered or solo play.  

Made from a firm, slick plastic with a subtly flattened shape, the Probe is suitable for vaginal and anal penetration, which is exciting in itself, but when combined with a flow of electricity throughout, thanks to large metal contacts on either side, the Probe will have your toes curling with unprecedented pleasure.


Size: 7.6 * 2.7 cm/3.0" * 1.1"
7.1 cm insertable length
Power Box sold Seperately
Includes Wiring
If you want to hold all the power in your hands, then youre going to also need to grab a  a compatible electro therapy power box. The box is not included with this item. A wonderful and unique item from BDStyle, that’s been designed to assist with exploring your kinks and deepest darkest desires. Whether you’re looking for hardcore kink and fetish gear, or something to break the ice to introduce it to your partner, BD Style will have your covered