Electric Shock Vibration Penis Plug

BDStyle, Electric Shock Vibration Penis Plug, with Attached Battery Pack

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For all you kinksters out there try the Electric Shock Vibration Penis Plug.  Comes with battery pack to give you and electrifying time combining e-stim with urethral play.

Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Power: AAA 
Package: Color Box
Net Weight: 53 g/0.12 lb/1.9 oz
Insert Length: 8.6 cm/3.4 inch
Insert Dia: 0.8 cm/0.3 inch
Net Weight: 57 g/0.13 lb/2.0 oz
Insert Length: 9.8 cm/3.9 inch
Insert Dia: 0.8 cm/0.3 inch
Net Weight: 65 g/0.14 lb/2.3 oz
Insert Length: 15.8 cm/6.2 inch
Insert Dia: 0.8 cm/0.3 inch

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