Kink Pinwheel 3 Wheel Gun Metal

Pin Wheel, Sensory Play, Tickler and Scratchers, Electro Sex Toys, Kink, Doc Johnson

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They look scary, but they're really not. Theyre perfect for sensory deprivation play, or those that enjoy sensual pleasures. They are perfect for that ultimate mix between pleasure and pain as the pressure allows you to tickle, tease and tantalise your lover, or apply some pressure and leave a mark. The choice, is yours.


Industry titans Doc Johnson and have joined forces to help you take your bedroom play to a whole new level with Kink`s 3-Wheel Pinwheel, perfect for couples who wish to explore each other`s bodies and to heighten sexual arousal! Kink 3-Wheel Pinwheel uses the power of 3 spikey rollers to create powerful sensations when used quickly to tickle your lover or slow and hard, offering a more painful experience.


Each of Kink 3-Wheel Pinwheel`s individual wheel tracks prevent pinching to keep your sensory play safe and as comfortable as you and your lover expect, while the extra-long handle puts you in control over pressure and the pinwheel`s effect. Perfect for adventures in medical fetish too, Kink 3-Wheel Pinwheel features a black, chrome finish and is 7`` long (17.75 cm) and 1`` wide (2.5 cm). Always establish a safeword prior to use, then tie them up (restraints sold separately) and let the kinky games in BDSM fun begin! Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with the devious minds at to create a collection of high-quality, authentic fetish items for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike, proudly made in the USA.


Doc Johnson has collaborated with the infamous BDSM movie producer to create a collection Kink sex toys and fetish items that are great for Fetish enthusiasts.  The innovative Bondage and Fetish products have been made with this hardcore brand’s permission and specifications using the Doc Johnson quality manufacturing process.   Made in the USA and for bondage newbies of kinky experts alike.  All handcrafted to the level expected by one of the pioneering adult toy manufacturers online Doc Johnson.  These items are already adult shops hot selling items and you will love them too!!!