Rocket Grooved Solid Penis Plug with Dual Rings

BDStyle, Rocket Grooved Solid Steel Penis Plug, With Movable Dual Rings

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Product Description

Grooved Cum Through Penis Plug

This grooved sound has a "cum-through" hole through the center which also allows bathroom use. The ring at the end of the device is a glans ring, designed to lodge behind the head of the penis and hold it in place. A second ring behind gives the shaft a bit of a squeeze too!
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: Bag
Insert Length: 9 cm/3.5 inches
Insert Max Dia: 0.8 cm/0.3 inches
Glans Ring Dia: 3 cm/1.18 inches   2.5 cm/1.0 inches

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