Fancy Sperm Stopper Ruby Crystal

Fancy Sperm Stopper Ruby Crystal by Hell's Couture Is A Steel Cock Plug to Prevent Ejaculation and Cumming with Ball Stopper that stimulates the urethra

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Product Description

Fancy Sperm Stopper Ruby Crystal

Wanting to hold your cum a little longer? Get this Gem Set Fancy Sperm Stopper available in 3 different gem colors. It has a nice and thick, 6mm, glans ring with a 8mm "stopper". Once you insert the sperm stopper, you will be good to go and get to show off your favorite gem to your partner which is sure to turn them on too.

This is For Ruby Jewel 

Gem colors are available in Ruby, Diamond, Black.


Approximate Measurements

Overall Length: 35mm

Insertable Length: 20mm

Ring Thickness: 6mm

Ball Diameter: 8mm


25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm and 35mm

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