Silicone Electric Shock Cock & Ball Ring

BDStyle, Silicone Electric Shock Cock & Ball Ring, for Electro Stimulation and CBT Play

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A silicone cock ring that has the capability to deliver shocking stimulation through electro play. Whether you're looking to improve circulation for erections, or whether you're a lover of cock and ball play - this bad boy features it all. One of the best things about electro playa nd therapy, is the contractions - these contractions mimic the contractions of orgasm, meaning that some men can achieve the effects of orgasms without ejaculation when using CBT electro stimulation gear. Even if you can't do that, it feels bloody good.


Small: 3.2 cm diameter, 1.6 cm tall
Medium: 3.8 cm diameter, 2.5 cm tall
Large: 4.1 cm diameter, 3.8 cm tall


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