Fetish Fantasy Designer Handcuffs

Fetish Fantasy Designer Handcuffs By Pipedream Products are a solid, classic pair of metal cuffs that can be used for the wrists and possibly the ankles.

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Fetish Fantasy Designer Handcuffs

If you are looking for a set of cuffs that also have a bit of designer style and flair, the Fetish Fantasy Designer Cuffs Silver are the ones for you. These cuffs are designed from hefty metal, so they aren't just for play. Pull out these cuffs when you want to explore your dominant side - your partner is sure to be pleasantly surprised. Or, turn these cuffs over to your partner, and prepare to be shackled in the most pleasurable fashion. You'll love the sense of excitement and anticipation that these quality designer cuffs will provide.

Beautiful silver colour adds the visual experience. These wrist cuffs have a nice weight and heft to them, which adds to the overall experience. Designed to comfortably fit most men and women. You'll love the sense of power and control you'll get when using these quality cuffs.

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