Pendant Foot Suspension Boots

Bondage Feet Suspension Boots

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When you like your bondage a little more hardcore make your slave a human pendant.  Suspension bondage can be liberating in that the suspendee relinquishes all control to their master.  


The main effect of suspension bondage is to create a heightened sense of vulnerability and inescapability, as the subject is made to feel that by attempting to free themselves they may fall and hurt themselves, thus also creating a form of mental bondage in addition to the physical one that holds them. Being suspended, especially in a large open space, also creates a sense of   objectification, submissiveness and erotic helplessness for the subject, which can be erotically stimulating for them and for those observing them. 


 Suspension can alternatively create a sense of liberation in that one can "fly" around the room, and some styles of rigging are optimal for the suspendee to have control over their spin rate, body position, and general activities. Trance-like states are also common, resulting alternatively or simultaneously from the sensations of 'anti-gravity", the heightened awareness of one's body, and the sacrifice of one's natural physical strengths.


Length 19cm

Width 30cm

Adjustable Straps 3

Hang Straps 2


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