Nick Hawk GIGOLO Tie Me Up & Tease Me Kit

California Exotics sensory bondage kit with a turkey feather tickler, silicone rope, Ben Wa balls and blindfold for couple's play

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Product Description

Bondage can be fun for everyone and when you want something unique, the Nick Hawk Gigolo Tie Me Up and Tease Me Kit will hit the spot. The kit comes with a blindfold to keep you in the dark, a rope to keep you tied up and submissive, and weighted kegel balls that will fill you with pleasure and teach you how to control yourself.

There is also a tickling feather to add more to the fun for everyone. It's all about giving you more out of your pleasure and Nick Hawk knows what that takes. He's a professional and he has studied the market and knows how to help women get their pleasure with ease with a variety of different products like this. He has worked closely with creators to develop this line of toys and you can order yours now.

Check out the full selection of Nick Hawk toys at our website and make sure that you get everything that you need for less. We have all the best toys and tools to help you get more from your sex life, no matter what you have in mind. Get kinky with your bondage kit today.










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