Fetish Fantasy Extreme Compliance Kit

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Compliance Kit By Pipedream is a versatile deluxe kit that can be used for all sorts of menial tasks, sexual or otherwise in the art of master play

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Compliance Kit

Your partner will learn the meaning of submission in no time with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Compliance Kit. This detachable ball gag system is the perfect tool to teach your lover how to please and serve you. The attachments connect to the gag using our patent-pending quick-release system, allowing you to customize your role-playing for a variety of scenarios. The ball gag is lined with soft felt on the inside and adjusts to fit most sizes, making it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. You control when and how often your lover speaks, giving you total authority to do as you please and explore your deepest Fetish Fantasies.

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