Pink Passion Bondage Kit

Sex Toy Kit

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Pink Passion Bondage Kit for those that are starting out in BDSM play and want a kit that will allow them to explore this marvellous role playing fantasy without breaking the budget.  This one is pretty in pink and a great bdsm online buy.



Many couples like to explore the world of light bondage play. Seeing their partner's bound and awaiting their every move can be an arousing sight. The Pink Passion Bondage Kit allows for a fun, colorful and functional way for couples to enjoy light bondage play.




The kit includes a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs, four adjustable nylon tethers, nylon ball gag. With these items, partners can be placed on the bed and put into many different stimulating positions.


Nylon Ankle cuffs
Nylon Wrist Cuffs
Nylon Ball Gag


BDStyle is a company that lets the kinky out in every single individual Specialising in bondage toys made of leather and steel they have an expansive range and collection designed to supplement any kink or fetish that you might have. Ranging from restraints, to spreader bars, leather cuffs and even urethral stimulation toys. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle will have it for you at premium quality and an amazing price.