Fifty Shades Darker Principles of Lust Romance Couples Kit

Sex Toy Kit

Fifty Shades
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Embark on a journey into the thrilling world of restraint play and heightened senses with the Principles of Lust romantic couples kit. Bind your lover with the silky wrist restraints, then reach for the titillating mix of toys to really let the fun begin.

 "I blink at him, recalling our very, very pleasurable and romantic and downright dirty morning." – Anastasia Steele

 Deprive your lover of their sight with the blindfold, then awaken sensitive skin with the soft feathers of the mink tickler, unleash powerful vibrations on her clitoris with the finger vibrator and delight his erection with the adjustable silicone love ring.

 Use with water-based lubricant to heighten sensation in play.

 Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

Key Features: Mix of non-intimidating, exciting soft bondage accessories and toys ideal for romantic weekends away Blindfold to deprive sight and heighten senses Silky wrist restraints introduces thrill of restraint play Mini feather tickler excites the senses Finger vibrator brings intimate nerve-endings alive Adjustable cock ring for exciting foreplay and sex (results may vary)


Fifty Shades of Grey movies have brought sex toys to the mainstream.  Women and couples who have gone to See Fifty Shades of Grey of Fifty Shades Darker are exploring their sexuality like never before.  It was inevitable the E L James would be approached to endorse a sex toy range and that is exactly what has happened.  Allowing every adult toy or bondage apparatus featured in the movie to be purchased and used in the viewers home. 


This collection of her bondage, sex toys, and accessories that you will definitely find intriguing. Encompassing the entire spectrum of adult product categories available you can go as tame or as wild as you want.  Affordable yet of high quality you will be able to live out the scenes of the movie in the privacy of your own bedroom.  Experience what Christian and Anastasia have – bring your relationship closer but finding your kinky side.