FF Bows & Bondage Kit

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Get tied up in romance with the Bows & Bondage Kit. These playful cuff and ankle restraints are perfect for beginners, yet strong enough to ensure your lover won't escape anytime soon. The soft, cushy vinyl cuffs feel great against the skin and easily adjust to fit most sizes. The cuffs are adorned with cute little red bows that make the wearer the perfect present for unwrapping. The kit features an adjustable collar and leash as well, allowing you to create endless submissive situations with your partner. Cover your lover's eyes with the satin love mask and what happens next is up to you!


Adjustable Vinyl Wrist Cuffs

Adjustable Vinyl Ankle Cuffs

Vinyl Collar with Nylon Leash

Free Satin Love Mask


The days of worry are gone even if you are not born athletic or do not possess that flexible frame, you will have to stay behind the pack. Fetish Fantasy Sex Toys series allows you to get involved in those titty-bitty and naughty bondage games which give your partner that ultimate touch of sensuality and rough pleasure. Whether you like to dominate with some vanilla bondage or go be handcuffed to a fetish submission, they have it all.