How To Couples BDSM Kit Set

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Dr. Ava’s Guide to Sensual BDSM for Couples:
Expert advice on kinky pleasure from world renowned ‘sexpert’ Dr. Ava Cadell

Black Duo Balls:
- Slip inside the vagina for erotic stimulation during spanking and other BDSM acts
- Strengthens vaginal muscles for more powerful orgasms
- Sturdy handle for easy retrieval

Power Play Cards:
- Expert tips and suggestions from ‘sexpert’ Dr. Ava Cadell
- 52 techniques to explore BDSM
- Recommendations for spanking, bondage, blindfolding, domination and discipline
- Instructions for Submissives and Dominants

- Gather and flick to create a mild sting on supple flesh
- Pain & pleasure combination allows you to explore your boundaries
- Act out BDSM fantasies and role play

Blindfold & Silk Tie
- Make the ordinary extraordinary by restricting your partner’s vision
- Explore the titillation and joy of gentle restraint by securing your partner’s wrists or ankles together or to the bedpost