Sex & Mischief Our First Bondage Kit

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To gently but very convincingly introduce yourselves to the exciting pleasures of bondage play, Sex & Mischief's Our First Bondage Kit is just the thing for playful couples. Inside you'll find all you need to get a healthy dose of the darker side of sex- 2 sets of soft, classic set of cuffs to bind up the wrists and ankles, each attached to long, 44 inch  tethers, plus a super soft, velvety blindfold. The cuffs make use of simple, hardy Velcro, letting you slip them on and (when the time is right) off quickly and easily, they have lots of room for size adjustment, allowing them to fit almost any size. As for the blindfold, as any S & M enthusiast will tell you, it's key to bondage play, heightening the other senses and adding a sense of mystery for the wearer. Surprise your lover with something that will certainly up the heat in the bedroom.


This kit is perfect for couples who want to explore light restraint play. Includes these soft black accessories: 1 blindfold and 4 wrist/ankle cuffs with extensions. Soft and comfortable. Each on, easy off.
4 soft cuffs with tethers, 1 soft blindfold
Velboa fabric, Velcro, polypropylene webbing, elastic



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