Molt Medical Mouth Gag

Molt Medical Mouth Gag by Hell's Couture is a Medical and Fetish Play Gear for Mouth Bondage

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Product Description

Molt Medical Mouth Gag
This mouth gag/spreader allows you to keep your partner quiet and compliant while you take advantage of their open mouth. Made of polished medical grade surgical steel, it is the ultimate toy for those into oral play.


Approximate Measurements


Overall Length: 115mm

Gag Max Width: 60mm


Overall Length: 140mm

Gag Max Width: 84mm


This product is certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper products that are not solid surgical steel but chromed steel or poor quality surgical steel that contains Magnate. Magnate is the ingredient that makes steel rust. We will only include this endorsement on our 100% surgical steel products.

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