Fetish Fantasy Ophelia Corset

Fetish Fantasy, Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, Ophelia Corset, Ophelia Corset

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Fetish Fantasy - Ophelia Corset

This open cup vinyl corset is enough to get any theatre actor in the mood. With the red elastic cording it'll be sure to add a sense of class and danger to the bedroom play, without the acting of course! Front adjustab;e buckle and lace-up back with a snap collar closure it's easy and simple to get on and even easier to get your partner off. Delightfully wicked and playful. . lets get physical!


  Large x2 x4 Size 10 - 14 18 - 20 22 - 24 Cup D D - DD DD - DDD Bust 36" - 38" 42" - 45" 50" - 53" Waist 29" - 31" 35" - 38" 42" - 44" Hip  38" - 40" 46" - 49" 54" - 56"

 Ophelia or i feel ya? It's a bad pun yes, but still highly relevant as this open cup vinyl corset lets you feel up your mistress in the naughty ways. With red elastic cording this black and red style is sure to bring a sense of theatrical action to the bedroom. Coming with a front adjustable buckle with lace up back and snap closure once its secure and on it's not going anywhere. . . unless you choose to. But why would you when you have access to all those important bits! Action. . and rolling!