Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask By Sportsheets Is soft pleather mask fits comfortably over the face, enveloping its wearer in absolute darkness.

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The Sex & Mischief Black Mask will add a mysterious and magical twist to kinky sex play. Have you ever wanted to be taken by an unknown lover? The imagination is a powerful tool when combined with this sleek, silky black eye mask. Envision a dim room lit by hundreds of tea light candles. Anything can happen as you lie waiting for your lover to thrill and stimulate you. You have no idea which direction your mystery paramour is coming from, or which erogenous zone they will begin with, all you know is that you are shivering with anticipation.


Enjoy the sweet promise of erotic contact while you wait, totally at your lover's mercy. If you are a more aggressive lover, you may thrill at the prospect of binding and blindfolding your lover with every intention of secretly rocking their world. Tease and entice them as you move stealthily around them keeping them guessing as to where you will strike next. Become the torturer and turn the bedroom into a chamber of pleasure. Weather you are new to kinky play or an old hand at SMBD, the Sex & Mischief Black Mask will become one of your favourite bedroom toys.


Sex & Mischief is part of the most well known Bondage and Kink brands in the world, Sportsheets. They’re a company that prides themselves on the ability to create fun for couples, and they have done so with a variety of comfortable position masters, sensual bondage gear for couples, and delightful kits that will bring out the deviant in anyone. Keeping sexual education and positivity at the centre of their business, they have extended their range to include lines such as Manbound, Sex in the shower, sex and mischief, and their number one selling bed restraint systems