Intima Silk Blindfold

Lelo, Swedish designed, Blindfold, Intima Silk, intimate play, Elastic band and long ribbons, Etherea Silk Cuffs

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Who says bondage can't be without class? This 100% pure silk blindfold is soft, sensual yet still allows for all of those delightfully wicked moments. Where will the next touch be? The next kiss? With your sense of sight cut off, and the sense of touch heightened, you won't know, but you'll be begging for it! For beginners and advanced users alike, this is a delightful piece in a brilliant silky red designed for those intimate encounters where a sense of class is required.




When she doesn’t know where your lips will touch next. When she awaits helplessly for the next caress, when she is completely under your power her lips trembling with anticipation. You would be amazed what using a blindfold during sex will do for the both of you. Although blindfolded sex is often believed, and rightly so, to be a bondage type experience, it is the very mildest of all of them. And with the silky smooth Intima Silk Blindfold from LELO, this experience can be all yours. Use the Intima blindfold and see if you too don’t enjoy the night. The soft silk ensures a comfortable fit even when it is tied tightly to prevent it from slipping. And as with all LELO sex toys, the Intima Silk Blindfold comes in an attractive box that makes it the perfect gift for a friend.


Mystery keeps the sex life alive and interesting. Experts say that when one sense is eliminated the other senses are heightened naturally. When your lover’s sense of sight is hindered through the use of a blindfold, their sense of touch increases.


The Intima Silk Blindfold is just the tool to give the both of you the mystery and the experience you are looking for. Blindfolds during sex, particularly for the man who is primarily driven to climax by the sight of you, can delay the climax as you both have more time to experience each other in some aggressively intimate ways. The Intima Silk Blindfold by LELO ties easily and the material is soft enough to be comfortable as well. These blindfolds come in three colors: black, purple, and red, so you can have one to match whatever you are wearing. Try it once and you may find blindfold sex to be the best you’ve ever had.


Lelo Pleasure Objects became a reality back in 2003 when three innovative designers got together in Stockholm and came up with the idea that would change the landscape of the sex toy industry. What if they were to design adult toys that were beautiful ‘pleasure objects’, that were refined, the most luxurious of anything created before. This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee and 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. Lelo is the brand that most shoppers look for and other manufacturers aspire to replicate. It is like no other brand in the adult industry before and has set the benchmark for all others.