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BDSM Australia is your specialty store that deals in all things Bondage, if you are after Bondage Gear or tips on how to use Bondage equipment is the ultimate bondage resource site Australia. (read more) BDSM is a sexual lifestyle that is enjoyed by people that like to role play as dominant over one another or like the feeling of being powerless and submissive. These are known as doms and subs or master/ mistress and slave. Part of that role playing involves the use of Blindfolds, Collars and Gags. For those who are new to this ideal I would like to give you a light background in the meaning behind each of the acronyms in BDSM. B stands for Bondage or the tying up of partner for a sexual act, D for domination or the person running the show and constructing how the sex life goes, S for sadism or someone who like to inflict pain of a sexual nature on their partner and finally M for masochism or the person who likes to receive pain of a sexual nature from their partner. With this in mind I would like to give you a better understanding, or introduce you to some of the most commonly used toys in the variety they are currently available.

The first of these toys that is used most commonly would be the blindfold. When blindfolded an individual is left in their own head, so to speak, and with that comes a new and exciting element that can be added to the bedroom. More over touch becomes extremely heightened when a person is blindfolded so the use of physical teasing can be very thrilling. This type of play is essential when everyday objects are used to give unexpected sensations. But even with the knowledge that a blindfold can create an entirely new dimension to your sexual life it can be over whelming choosing the best one for you and your partner. The most iconic type of blindfold would be the full face leather version, which is wrapped around the face just above the eyes and typically buckled around the back of one’s head. The other versions are ones you may not even consider a “blindfold” such handkerchiefs, scarves or even bandages all of which can be simply looped around the head (over the eyes) and secured with a knot wherever you may desire.

Next touching base on the use of collars in BDSM play. Most typically the collar is worn around the neck of your partner as an indication of completely submissiveness. Often this toy is used in scenes that might include but are not limited to: humiliation, dog/puppy play or even boy/girl play. But you must also realize that there are several different versions of collars used in different situations and not all uses will apply to every couple. And like blindfolds they too can be made in a variety of material but they are typically made of leather, steel, rubber or rope.
The different types of collars can be categorized as the following the first being the Collar of Protection: this can be identified by initials of the dominant or the protector and a P to signify protection, which ultimately means the submissive is seen to be under protection of this particular Dominant often do to issues with past relationships. The next type is referred to as the Training collar which is considered the next phase and in turn will be offered by the Dominant, most often this occurs after the initial consideration collar has been in some type of use for an agreed upon timeline and the next level is reached.
At this point between partners there will have been or will be many discussions about each person’s likes, dislikes, their desires, needs and overall discovery about their personality traits and characteristics. With this thought process in mind the ultimate goal is to go deeper and become more intimate/closer as a unit. In majority opinion the training collar is can be held to the equivalent of an engagement ring and with the like it tends to involves similar emotions and feelings that go along with that major responsibility.
Third is named the formal collar which is also commonly referred to as the “slave” collar. This device or tool is the ultimate goal in a dominants relationship and thus is strived for from the beginning. Much like the previous collar the formal version symbolizes a deeper commitment between partners, this being most similar to a wedding band. It depicts the overall devotion, shared respects and most of all that both the dominant and submissive share the same ideals and desires.

Gags of Variety
Now about gags or an item that is inserted into the mouth to restrict its use. When this toy is used it is very important that both parties understand they are only meant for use in short periods of time and can become dangerous otherwise. Because a person is prevented from speaking when using a gag, he or she will be unable to utter a safe word during a session. An alternative to use of a safe word should be decided on beforehand in this case.
Most often a hand signal, such as dropping a handkerchief or clenching a fist, can be used, for instance, as can eye signals, such as a series of blinks. Gags are most commonly used in conjunction with some type of bondage and are usually worn by the submissive partner in order to give the dominant more control. Furthermore this item can be and is often used to make the submissive more helpless and as a type of humiliation or punishment.
Ball gags have been and are one of the most popular that is used during BDSM play. These particular gags have a soft, solid rubber type ball that is inserted into the mouth with straps to secure them to the head. Another type is the Wiffle ball gag which is very similar to that of the ball gag but instead of the use of rubber, the small ball is made of a plastic type material with several holes throughout making it easier for the user to breath.
There are also the open-mouth gag which more obviously is designed to keep the mouth open so the wearer can perform acts such as oral sex while there is yet another gag which the bit gag (inserted into the mouth) for pony play. Other popular gags include penis gags which resembles an erect penis (wore inside the mouth like a pacifier), forniphilic gags (placed in a position where smothering is possible) and cleave gags (when the scarf/cloth is pulled between teeth instead of over the mouth). And must like the both the collars and blindfolds, gags can come in a variety of textures which include but are not limited to cloth, leather, rubber and plastic.
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